At a seemingly uneventful gaming convention, Gabe Newell will take to the stage. "I know you've been waiting for this a long time!" he will say. "I am proud to finally present to you: Half-Life Thr-". He will be unable to finish his sentence. The room will shake as if being shaken by an earthquake. The walls of the room will start to crack. People get out of their seats and run for the exit, only to find themselves suspended in air as if the air in the room was made of gelatin. The laws of physics are beginning to break down. At the end of the universe, those alive will witness a cruel mockery made of the laws of time and space. Isolated pockets of time will form. For some, the end will take nanoseconds. For others, it will take thousands of years. Matter itself won't be spared either: lakes will freeze at room temperature, steel will turn to liquid, people will watch their loved ones evaporate before their very eyes. The end will be brutal, horrifying, and complete. Just before the very end, a few Valve employees will huddle in a corner, waiting for the end. "Why didn't they listen? We tried to warn them!" Another will say: "I never thought I'd see an end-of-the-universe scenario, let alone create one!" As the walls collapse around them, a third will say: "It wasn't meant to be; there was never meant to be a Half-Life game after Episode 2! But the damn fools were too proud! God have mercy on our souls!" These will be the last words uttered in our universe, before it's final, complete collapse.