Red Dead Redemption is an open-world action-adventure game developed by Rockstar North and Rockstar San Diego. It was released in 2010.

This review will look at the game's different aspects and come to an aggregate score at the end.


There are no spoilers here

The storyline in Red Dead Redemption is extremely immersive in many ways. It is extremely well written, the setting is gorgeous, and it is highly thought-provoking. At times it can be action-packed, whereas other times, it can be mundane and more relaxed (but still fun). Sort of like real life.

All of this is set in a beautiful setting comprising of south Midwest United States and Northern Mexico. The setting could not really be any more perfect than it already is and to argue against this is futile. The scenery and atmosphere is so engaging that you'll find yourself just wanting to take your horse out for a ride and not stopping even after the sun goes down. The scenery at night is simply beautiful.

The storyline will take you a long time to complete, and if you take it slowly, which is what I recommend, you will find yourself playing one of the greatest storylines a video game has ever offered. It is truly memorable and will have you itching to play it again just for the sheer experience of it.

Rating - 10/10


The characters in this game are so memorable that they need their own section. You will meet a huge variety of characters in this game, from all places around the world, which links back to real history that this was the era of prosperity in those parts of the United States.

Every character is given a very profound characterisation. These characters are very memorable and you won't forget them even long after they have passed in the storyline.

Rating - 10/10


Red Dead Redemption is a third-person shooter. The gun gameplay is very good and can be very action-packed at times. From participating in duels to sitting down and playing poker, gameplay is quite varied at times and this means it isn't the same thing over and over, keeping you engaged throughout.

My only concern here is that sometimes the game can be too easy. Not simplistic, but easy. That's definitely better than it being simplistic though, so it's really not a problem. Nothing is lost with it being slightly too easy at times.

Rating - 9.5/10


The graphics in Red Dead Redemption are not by any means top-of-the-range stuff, but damn they are beautiful in this application. As mentioned before, the scenery is simply awesome in this game. There is no other way to describe it other than "awesome". It will put awe into you if you can zone yourself out enough to really get into the game.

The graphics on character models are also very good. Animation is done perfectly, horses trot and gallop with near-realism, and character animation is very appropriate and you can clearly see that Rockstar has used it to add another dimension to their characters - body language. Not many developers ever take advantage of this, but when they do, the results are always spectacular.

Rating - 9/10


This game features a very well-made soundtrack that really throws the atmosphere into the game. There are 3 songs which play at very specific points in the game, and add to the atmosphere (which is already pretty intense at those points) more than can really be sufficiently explained. This phenomenon cannot really be explained until you experience it for yourself. And you'll know when you experience it because you won't forget it.

Besides music, ambient and technical sound effects are all very good too. Voice acting is brilliant.

Rating - 10/10


This game does have multiplayer which is basically a co-op mode which uses the normal game world as the map. Whether you want to co-operate and take down gangs, or just run around in a huge deathmatch is up to you. Either way is a bucketful of fun.

Rating - 9/10


Red Dead Redemption blurs the line between video games and pieces of art. It's not just a video game, it's a story. It's a nice reminder that interactive media doesn't all have to be shallow shoot-em-ups, they can be though-provoking and engaging stories.

It would be an injustice to give this game anything other than a perfect score.

Rating - 10/10